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All About Tea

Gisele Bündchen Shares Her Favorite Teas & Why It’s Her Favorite Drink

By September 29, 2020No Comments

Today we take from a Victoria Secret goddess and her love from tea, as seen on her Instagram: “Since I was a child, my mom and my grandma had a tea for everything: If we had an upset stomach, problem sleeping, a cold, or just about anything they had a tea for it … It’s something I learned from them and I keep the tradition in our home. I drink tea every day and I love it! It always helps me feel good. So I thought I share some of my favorites and maybe could do share some of yours? What are some of your favorites? Any special natural remedies you love?”


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Let’s list her favorite teas and reasons for them:

  • – Chamomile & Lemon Balm (to help relax)
  • – Green Tea & Lemongrass (for a little boost)
  • – Ginger and Peppermint (for digestion)