Most people have never heard of Carqueja or Omith tea.  Carqueja is a herb. Individuals dry the parts of the plant that become over the ground and utilize them to make pharmaceuticals or medicines. Carqueja is utilized to treat torment, acid reflux, swelling, water maintenance, and obstruction. It is likewise used to ensure the liver, anticipate ulcers, cleanse the blood, help absorption, lessen fever, and cause fetus removal. Different utilizations incorporate treating chest torment (angina), diabetes, heftiness, kidney illness, intestinal worms, viral diseases, and poor blood flow. Carqueja is likewise used to increment sexual want. A few people apply carqueja specifically to the skin to treat wounds. How can it function? Carqueja contains synthetic substances that may alleviate aggravation (swelling) and enhance blood stream.

Carqueja / Omith is a super herb with many powerful benefits as its used to make many medicines with many benefits in South America. GREAT TASTING TEA: Enjoy a cup of Omith tea with its quality unique taste. NATURAL TEA: Gluten free. Caffeine free.

omith tea

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Carqueja or Omith tea is used for or may benefit the following:

Carqueja is used to treat pain, indigestion, swelling, water retention, and constipation. It is also used to protect the liver, prevent ulcers, purify the blood, aid digestion, reduce fever, and cause abortion.