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A few years back, maybe around eight or so, I had very bad pains in my back. I didn’t make much of it and thought it would pass. I went to the doctor and being referred to a specialist, I had learned I had kidney stones. Now, if you’ve ever had kidney stones, you know how much they hurt! The doctor prescribed me some xanax or some other form of opioid for the pain and something else. That was to relief pain but nothing would work.

I was talking to my father on phone one afternoon and he happened to be with a brazilian friend of his who overheard the conversation. His friend was quick to refer my dad to a tea he had several times which helped him pass stones and he sounded so excited to tell me about this tea and how I just needed to go buy it now. Granted, because it was a tea from Brazil, I couldnt just go to the local market so it was a bit of a hassle – nevertheless – after some research, I found it. I passed my stones about 3-5 days after I started drinking the tea. I kept drinking it for years to prevent kidney stones and about two years ago or so I stopped. I never had one again.

About a few weeks ago (Its now AUG 2017,) I woke up with back pains. Immediately, my thoughts were that I had very likely a stone in my kidney. This pain lasted two days – I quickly remembered the tea and went to buy a few packs – that night I had a few cups of tea and the next morning I woke up without any pain. I said to myself, “this tea should be accessible to everyone!” Sure enough, I came up with a plan to approach the distributor, tell them my story, and what I wanted to do.

I did a lot of research on tea and how herbs / plants of different kinds have incredible benefits to the human body. So why aren’t we, as a society, pushed more to consume a drink that can be greatly beneficial to our health!

Today, I bring you It’s a concept that links tea to the benefits it has on our bodies and health. I am not making any claims, this information can all be found through your own research as well on what you read on this website which we are not making up, but trying to source the best possible information and bringing it to you.