Moringa Tea for Diabetes: Reduction of Blood Sugar by 21% After Meal
moringa for diabetes

We are obsessed with Moringa tea, and for good reason, we want you to also be obsessed with it. Aside from its many incredible benefits which we will put a graphic for you, Moringa tea is proven to be a great tea for reduction in blood sugar levels.

You don’t need to be diabetic for this to be an important benefit. Many Americans are pre-diabetic and Moringa is a great way to defend against a high sugar spike after a meal.

In a small study in 6 people with diabetes found that adding only 50mg of Moringa leaves to a meal reduces blood sugar by 21%! (Source here)

Another larger study, with 30 women, showed that in a 3 month period, on average, Moringa powder helped reduce blood sugar spikes by 13.5%. (Source here)

moringa tea

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