How Much Chanca Piedra Should I Take to Get Rid of Gallstones?
How Much Chanca Piedra Should I Take to Get Rid of Gallstones

Chanca piedra can be consumed in various ways, such as capsules, tinctures or mixed with tea.

Chanca piedra is a natural herb that is commonly used for eliminating gallstones. However, the question is how much dosage of this herb should one take to get rid of gallstones?

For starters, chanca piedra should be taken with other gallbladder and liver cleansing herbs. This will improve the effectiveness of chanca piedra and make it safer to use. The gallbladder and liver cleansing herbs relax the bile duct. This helps the body to pass gallstones with ease. In this way, gallstones don’t get stuck. Moreover, the liver cleansing herbs help the body deal with harmful toxins released from the gallbladder and liver. These toxins are also released when the gallstones are dissolved after taking chanca piedra, so, in order to make them harmless, liver cleansing herbs are needed. Some of the liver cleansing herbs recommended with chanca piedra include milk thistle seed, chicory root, dandelion, greater celandine, yellow dock root and turmeric.

Chanca piedra can be consumed in various ways, such as capsules, tinctures or mixed with tea.


For adults, health practitioners recommend taking one capsule of it daily with or without food. However, sometimes the pain is unbearable even after a single capsule so people tend to take two to three capsules of 400-500 mg per day.


You should start with adding 3 drops of chanca piedra to non-alcoholic tincture and have it twice daily. As you slowly begin to pass the stones, you can increase you dosage up to 10 to 15 drops per glass of tincture taken twice daily.

Usually, chanca piedra is preferred in the form of liquid extracts through tinctures rather than capsules or powdered forms. This is because tinctures are easier to use and can be absorbed by the body.

Moreover, the liquid extract can be mixed with tea, warm water, and many other cleansing herbs. It is also best to use chanca piedra with liver cleansing herbs. Thus, tincture is the most effective form for consuming chanca piedra as it cleanses the gallbladder efficiently.

It should be kept in mind that chanca piedra is a powerful herb. A large dosage can produce heat and make you feel warm. The recommended and standard dose prescribed by doctors is 400 mg, 3 times a day for a time period of 3 months. It is recommended for 2-3 months because the liver constantly keeps releasing toxins and dumping stones into the gallbladder. If you experience pain due to gallstones, you can increase your dosage and take it more often (every couple of hours) till the pain subsides. As soon as the pain reduces, you can go back to your regular usage of taking it 3 times a day.

Chanca piedra doesn’t have any side effects and is accepted by the body. However, it is always best to consult your doctor to know the specific dose you need as the doctor will go over your entire medical history to prescribe dosage accordingly.

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