How Does Chanca Piedra Break Kidney Stones?

How Does It Work?

Chanca piedra is an anti-lithic herb that can prevent the formation of kidney stones and gallstones. This is because it contains various organic acids that pass through the kidney and are filtered by the glomeruli, thereby preventing re-absorption. Moreover, chanca piedra makes the alkaline salts more soluble in order to maintain the amount of bacteria in the urinary tract. Thus, the organic acids soften the kidney stones, which make it easier for them to pass out of the body.

Chanca piedra contains analgesic elements. These elements help to alleviate pain when the kidney stones pass out of the body. Moreover, they also play an integral role in reducing of size of the stones. After the stones have been eliminated from the body, chanca piedra builds a defense mechanism for the body to reduce the likelihood of the formation of kidney stones and gallstones again. Furthermore, it helps reduce the excess amount of minerals within the kidney that make up the stones.

Research Evidence

As chanca piedra has recently grown in popularity in the medical field, many scientists are conducting research studies to discover and understand the potential benefits and function of this herb. Various studies have shed light on the chemical functions of chanca piedra.

A research conducted in Brazil tested this herb on lab rats by placing calcium oxalate discs in them. It was found that the rats that were given chanca piedra (since the start of the test) had relatively lower kidney stones. Moreover, some rats were given chanca piedra a few weeks after the development of their kidney stones. After the ingestion of the herb, the kidney stones of the rats had become smaller in size. Thus, chanca piedra has the potential to modify the shape and texture of kidney stones, thereby making them smooth so they are easier to eliminate from the body.

Another study illustrated that chanca piedra has an inhibitory effect on the accumulation of crystal growth in human urine. In this way, it reduces stone formation within kidneys and prevents reoccurrence of those stones in someone who has a history of kidney stones.

The effectiveness of chanca piedra was tested in 150 patients by setting up a control group and an experimental group. The patients were given shockwave therapy for the breakdown of stones and a supplement of chanca piedra was given to half of these patients after the shock waves. The results showed that the patients in the experimental group had a 10-23 percent higher stone-free rate as compared to the patients in the control group. This signifies the efficacy level of chanca piedra in the breakdown of stones.

Final Thoughts

Extensive research on chanca piedra and its chemical compounds demonstrates its efficiency in breaking kidney and gallstones. It is no wonder then that a large number of people are using the herb as a treatment method for kidney and gallstones.

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